Julie Tepperman

Co-Artistic Leader

Aaron Willis

Co-Artistic Leader


Our story

Convergence Theatre is one of Canada’s leading site-specific, immersive, award-winning independent theatre companies, based in Toronto.

Since 2006, co-Artistic Leaders Julie Tepperman & Aaron Willis have collaborated with over 100 theatre artists, to create intimate and immersive theatrical experiences. What began as a “bring-your-own-venue” application to the Toronto Fringe to create a series of short plays in cars (AutoShow, conceived in collaboration with Rebecca Benson & Alan Dilworth) very quickly turned into something much bigger.

Since then, Convergence productions have taken place in a myriad of locations: a hotel, a synagogue, a park, a church, a restaurant/café, a garage, a residential backyard, an executive office suite, a spiritual centre, an art gallery, and Union Station. 

Convergence Theatre has thrice been voted “The Best Site-Specific Theatre Company in Toronto” by NOW Magazine readers, and NOW critics listed Julie & Aaron as Toronto’s “Best Theatre Couple.”

Our intention

We create intimate, immediate, immersive, live theatrical experiences.

We produce both original text-based works and existing plays in site-specific and non-traditional venues.  We also re-imagine conventional performance spaces with intricate and detailed design transformations. 

Whether for an audience of 1 or 1000, with each new creative endeavour we seek out innovative ways to push the boundaries of intimacy between our performers and our audience, and between the audience and the environment.

Central to our choice of performance venue is the question of enhancement:  in what ways will our chosen setting and the immersive design enhance the audience’s experience of the play?  

We aim to challenge conventional notions of how and where live performance can unfold, with the goals of igniting the imaginations of current theatre-goers, and invigorating a whole new generation of theatre-enthusiasts.

Our audience

We believe that our audience is an integral part of any live performance experience, and that they are constantly affected by their proximity to the action and the setting in which we immerse them - whether they are a fly on the wall or invited to actively participate, whether they are seated or chasing stories and characters around a space.

The longing for intimacy and desire for connection drives so many of our human interactions.  Now possibly more than ever, people crave authentic, unforgettable, surprising communal experiences.

Exciting immersive theatre demands engagement.  We value your presence.

Dare to say yes.
Dare to venture.
Dare to converge.

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Convergence Theatre is a member of The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, and was part of the inaugural Theatres Leading Change cohort.