Stay tuned for a new series of workshop dates - to be announced Fall 2019!

Playwriting for Beginners
with Julie Tepperman

Perhaps you’re new to playwriting and have an exciting idea but don't know how to begin? Perhaps you have some experience writing but are bored with yourself?

This workshop is perfect if you're looking for ways to get started and/or spice up your writing. Julie will facilitate a series of writing exercises that will help spark your imagination and give you strategies for generating new material — both dialogue & monologue.

Together we’ll explore:

  • character development
  • relationships
  • creating conflict and raising the stakes
  • as well as ways to keep building tension and driving the action forward, in an effort to keep your text playable

At times using improvisation, we’ll put some of the pieces we generate up on our feet, illustrating how physicalizing text early in the process can inform your writing.

Participants will work individually, in partners, and in groups, as a way of practicing healthy dramaturgy, and learning how to give useful feedback.

There will also be opportunities to discuss “the business of playwriting”, such as:

  • new play development
  • the workshop process
  • finding the right dramaturge for you
  • residencies and playwrights' units
  • pitching your plays to theatre companies, festivals, and publishers

IMPORTANT: This is NOT the place to get your new play dramaturged!

You’ll be able to apply much of what we do to whatever you’re working on right now, but come to the workshop with a clean slate, ready to delve deep into new exercises and experiment with form, style and voice.

Recommended for people new to playwriting, including emerging and established actors wanting to branch out. Maximum 12 participants.

Julie is a fantastic, creative, and skillful teacher. She is able to quickly create an atmosphere of acceptance with her non-judgemental approach to everyone’s work. She invites you to test yourself, knowing that it will be successful in terms of a positive learning outcome. She’s very encouraging and her positivity is infectious. Plus, she’s funny. We laughed a lot.
— Workshop participant

Directing for Beginners
with Aaron Willis

This workshop will explore research methods, script preparation (breaking your script into “events” & “units”, etc.), and ways to build healthy relationships with actors, designers, and producers. Learn how to ask yourself the questions that will lead you to a clear vision of the play, and how your instincts can help you guide actors to making strong choices.

We‘ll also look at ways a director-dramaturge might collaborate with a playwright on new work in both workshop and rehearsal environments, strategies for running an audition and rehearsal room, and how to best prepare for tech. Each participant will have an opportunity to prepare and direct each other in scenes from previously published texts.

Recommended for people new to directing, particularly emerging and established actors wanting to branch out. Maximum 10 participants.

I left brimming and bubbling with ideas and inspiration! The workshop was well organized, informative, engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. I love your energy, warmth, and excitement about the work and process.
— Workshop Participant

Self-Producing 101
with Julie & Aaron

Geared to the self-starting artist-producer, this workshop will explore the basics of self-producing at a grassroots level – being a producer IS a creative endeavour!

Topics explored will include:

  • producing at a festival vs. producing independently
  • creating and managing a budget and cashflow
  • the various Equity agreements
  • contracting
  • producing at a theatre vs. a site-specific or found location
  • immersive theatre
  • fundraising
  • grant writing
  • creative marketing strategies
  • publicity and building relationships with the media
  • hands-on audience and community engagement
  • inviting “VIPs” to see your work
  • pitching and thinking about the future life of your show
  • laying the groundwork for starting a company

...and more!

Further topics will be determined based on a pre-workshop survey sent out to each participant. Handouts will be provided, and following the workshop each participant will be sent additional resources based on the topics covered.

Recommended for both emerging and established theatre artists new to producing. Maximum 20 participants.

Read Julie & Aaron’s chapter "Necessary Producers" in the anthology In Defence of Theatre, published by the University of Toronto Press

This workshop really helped me feel that everything is manageable, and allowed me to focus in on specific areas of self-producing that I came in knowing virtually nothing about and found incredibly daunting until now. Thank you for igniting a bit of fire into my process again, and for making me feel much more capable of producing my own work!
— Workshop Participant